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ProFundWest History

The Pros at ProFundWest: From Left - Louie Thiele, Kerry Graham,
Mike Keleher, Holly Gilbey, Tom Hoover, Jack Thomas, J Michael Meadows

We began as part of the Josh McDowell Ministries. Mike Keleher, one the founders of ProFund and our Western Regional VP, was Josh’s Director of Development in the 1980s. Josh McDowell Ministries continues today - but back then, when Josh began publishing books and videos nationwide he needed a source of funding to make it happen. We studied every type of fundraising “events” being used by every organization needing to raise dollars. Charities, schools, foundations [all types of 501[c]s were putting on great “events”. They were well organized and well planned, yet took a great deal of time and much effort by many people. Too much time and effort were yielding less than desirable results. We found that after most of these “events” concluded, the organization accepted whatever dollar amounts were raised and appeared satisfied, at least on the surface. Conducting a good “event” is not the point. We wanted to develop “CAMPAIGNS” that would raise more money with the fewest number of effective people in less time than had ever been realized. After all, no one would argue that today’s organizations, need to be more effective and efficient at raising dollars. Our criteria set forth a paradigm change in fundraising, from events to “campaigns”. We surrounded ourselves with and brought in business professionals, from IBM, Xerox, Exxon International: financial, and developmental expertise from these organizations along with experienced professionals from E.F. Hutton, Merrill Lynch, Rauscher Pierce Refsnes and other outside specialists who applied techniques borrowed from the business word…creating what is now ProFundWest, LLC. There is no question that those non-profit organizations that act more like successful for-profit organizations will keep the doors open. You are, also, in the business of raising dollars.

Campaign Format Criteria

We wanted to create a campaign with a small leadership team of volunteers that required little or no staff supervision; a volunteer driven campaign that could be completed in 90 days or less; a campaign with the capacity to earn over $50,000! Our criteria eliminated most of the traditional “event” formats. They required too many people, took too much time and did not meet our fundraising goals. We thus, became a financial development consulting organization, applying techniques from the business world to manage our clients “campaigns" more strategically, with better utilization of their resources, which are Time, People and Money”. WE ARE NOT A “Fundraising Company”, because we never touch an organization’s money.

Today, our goal for every campaign is to maximize contributions to the cause.


FACT: We, have to date, conducted over 4600 campaigns which have produced over $240,000,000 dollars for our clients. FACT: A typical first year campaign raises $40,000 to $70,000 dollars or more. Fact: A typical ProFundWest Campaigns nets 75% or more of the proceeds. Fact: A typical Pro fund Campaign reaches 500 to 1,000 new donors. FACT: 85-100% of the funds raised, are from new sources- All of these FACTS = LIFE BLOOD OF NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS! Plus FACT: all this is accomplished in less than 90 days! FACT – We are ProFundWest – the original ProFundWest, and all our named and endorsing clients are ProFundWest clients.

ProFundWest today continues to provide complete, in-depth training and ongoing consultation (before, during and after the campaign). Your organization will receive all materials of our perfected system; including materials for training, recruiting, and managing your campaign. In addition ProFundWest creates a management website for each client and trains all campaign participants on its ease of use. ProFundWest will develop and implement strategies for your campaign’s success based on your mission for the funds, the resources, and the time available. We clearly communicate the role and responsibility of each volunteer position and provide a step by step success kit assuring the success of everyone.

Years of successful campaigns, are the legacy that awaits you and your organization. This is our joint opportunity to impact the lives your organization endeavors to serve!

J Michael Meadows
President, ProFundWest

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