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Welcome to ProFundWest.

We are financial development consultants, helping worthwhile causes, not-for-profits, and 501(c)3 organizations meet their fundraising goals with our powerful and innovative campaigns. If your organization is looking for a more effective and efficient way to raise money, look to ProFundWest for complete turnkey programs that deliver better results and build longer-lasting relationships.

Why ProFundWest?

Increases in today's charitable donations are primarily the result of a reliance on programs designed by outside professionals specialized in applying techniques borrowed from the business world. The Pros at ProFundWest provide leadership training and development services that ensure your success.

The ProFundWest Advantage

Since 1992, ProFundWest has been playing a significant role in steering nonprofits in ways to better assess their potential for contributions, how to better utilize volunteers who are dedicated to the cause, how to manage their campaigns more strategically, and how to articulate their mission/vision, goals and accomplishments to maximize contributions to their cause.

Here is our joint opporunity to impact the lives your organization endeavors to reach.

The ProFundWest Comparison

The following list highlights significant differences between typical fundraising events and a ProFundWest campaign.


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