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It is our goal that every school and nonprofit organization maximize contributions to their cause and to conduct the most effective campaign ever - Exceeding all Expectations!

ProFund can easily determine from the answers, on the INQUIRY FORM, if the ProFund Solution is right for your organization. It is not our intent to call and sell you anything as we are [and have been, since 1992] a very successful outsource-development consulting group, helping to conduct more than 6,000 campaigns, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations just like yours!

There are just a few fields, marked with a red [* ] asterisk in the form below, which are necessary for our evaluation. We will respond by email [only] to your inquiry, unless otherwise requested.

Let's start with the basic ABCS

AFTER the completions of the ABCs, and your submission of this Inquiry, we will be able to return an email with our campaign evaluation and potential.

Thank you from the Pros at The ProFund Solution.

A. Your Campaign needs to have a financial goal.

B. Timeline:

The ProFund Campaign is designed to meet your financial goal and has a 90 day [or less] timeline, start to finish.
What is your desired completion date?*

C. Leadership:

Leaders set the tone for the group [no matter its size]. The officers, board members and volunteer leaders have great responsibility in leading a positive direction.

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