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What Our Clients Say

Here are some comments from clients who have used our proven ProFundWest solution for fundraising success:

I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU and ProFundWest for assisting the Scottsdale Charro's raise over $100,000 to support the Miracle League of Arizona and their new Scottsdale Stadium. As you are aware we suffered an extremely shortened time frame for our first ever campaign and there were serious doubts as to our ability to raise the funds needed to reach our goal. Thanks to your support and stewardship the campaign was a complete and total success exceeding everyone's expectations. I applaud you on creating such a unique system that is so user friendly and automatic. The success of this campaign has certainly opened several eyes in the Charro Foundation as to the ease of which fundraising campaigns such as this can raise significant funds in a short period of time with minimal effort. I am positive that we will utilize this campaign again and hopefully exceed the amazing benchmark that was set with this effort. Again, thank you so much for your stewardship and tenacity in ensuring our success. Feel free to utilize me as a reference for anyone who may question the power and validity of your program in the future.

Lance D. Baker
Scottsdale Charro & Campaign Chairman

World Impact has worked with ProFundWest for two straight years. Each campaign has raised $80,000 by following the proven ProFundWest System. Our success, and the likely success of others, can be attributed to the complete step-by-step business plan, first-rate printed materials, and the ability to access new volunteers and donors each year.

Carl V. LaBarbera
World Impact
National Board of Directors

The ProFundWest System is marvelous and needs to be recommended for the way it does all the thinking for you. The system is easy to implement and with our consultant's invaluable help we raised over $60,000 on our first campaign.

Mike Doherty
Life For David
Santa Cruz, CA

With ProFundWest's System and only 32 total participants, we raised over $66,000.

Doug Jones
Player Captain
Kansans For Life

Over the last three years our ProFundWest Campaign has become the primary fundraising event for our organization. ProFundWest has helped us implement time-tested strategies that have made the difference. We will continue to use these proven methods for years to come.

Rick A. Selk
Executive Director
Youth For Christ
Kankakee, IL

What a great success our first ever ProFundWest Campaign was! Over $48,000 in pledges were raised, making this the most successful first-time fundraiser in Fayetteville Academy's history. This event definitely has the potential to raise $100,000 and we look forward to realizing that goal the next time we have our ProFundWest Campaign.

Elizabeth Carter
Director of Development
The Fayetteville Academy
Fayetteville, NC

ProFundWest told us this was not about an event. It was all about significant fundraising and increasing our donor base. We raised $110,300 and had 83% first-time donors over three years.

Steve Shepherd
Player Captain
Womencare Ministries

We had annually run a golf tournament that netted about $7,000 a year and routinely called on the same people that always support our fundraising endeavors. ProFundWest changed the landscape entirely this past fall. Under ProFundWest's tutelage, this 'new fundraiser enabled us to net approximately $47,000 and to greatly expand the list of contributors far beyond our normal reach. ProFundWest has hit upon a concept and developed a rubric for fundraising that works.

David A. Wachter
Wayne Country Day School

Why would we do anything else when the ProFundWest Campaign can raise all the necessary funds our school needs each year?

Richard Morris
PTF President
Chandler Christian School
Chandler AZ

We are Young Life of The Monterey Peninsula and for the past five years ProFundWest helped us in conducting very profitable campaigns. In all of those five years we raised more money on this event more easily than we had ever before. They are very organized, yet flexible. The system works well both in the planning stages and when an event is underway. They have deep integrity and we have been very pleased with their services. We can recommend ProFundWest to you highly without any reservations at all.

Joe Kempston
Area Director
Young Life on the Monterey Peninsula

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